FS@SG Learning Journey

Presentation: The FS@SG Learning Journey: The SST Approach.
Presented by: Chan Kin Chuah, Loh Kwai Yin

In SST, the concept of the FS@SG programme goes beyond research initiatives anchored in the four subject disciplines and application development. It is about creating a culture and building an ecosystem that is conducive and ‘natural’ to our 21st century learners through the applied learning approach and by leveraging on the affordances of today-and-tomorrow’s technologies. Staff capacity is one of the key enablers, coupled with strategic partnerships.

In this presentation, we will share with you how we approach the FS@SG concept and some learning points gleaned through our implementation.

FS@SG Research Initiative: CN-ECT for Mathematics
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FS@SG Research Initiative: WiMVT

FS@SG Research Initiative: Mobile Learning
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Mobile Learning Trail @ Singapore River, on 30 August 2012 (Thursday)

Mobile Learning Trail, 2011

Mobile Learning Trail @ Sentosa, 2010

FS@SG Research Initiative: CN-ECT for Languages

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